The Whole Human

There’s more to people than meets the eye.  When we tap into the full range of people’s humanity, incredible things result.

Time-tested wisdom reveals an important fact: there is more than one aspect to our lives and our roles.  While it can be convenient to recognize only the parts of others that immediately and directly impact us, understanding the interwoven and dependent nature of each aspect allows us to acknowledge people as they are…a functioning whole.

The Whole Human is MuddyHudson’s framework for recognizing the wholistic needs and leveraging the wholistic assets of people.  It provides the basis for empowering people to uncover, connect, and employ the fullness of their humanity.  When utilized appropriately, it is useful on personal and professional levels – maximizing performance, strengthening relationships, establishing development plans, among other things – and it is central to our approach for developing deeply engaged participation among organizational constituents.

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More Than One Side of Us

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Human Resources for Rent?

Some conventional approaches to people management have a low view of the possibility of human-business relationships.  Ignoring the reality that people are Whole Humans, they set up competition between the personal and professional, buying time away from "where people really want to be" in order to get their attention "where they have to be."  From the perspective of the people, this often leads to a minimalist approach: do as little as possible in the professional to enable a "standard of living" and "lifestyle" in the personal.  This transactional view turns businesses into mere economic machines, and the people involved into gears and cogs.

whole_human_exploitIn the language of The Whole Human, the transactional approach rents parts of people, giving Symbolic returns (money, status, titles) in exchange for access to employee's Psychological (knowledge and skills) and Physical (time and body) domains.  In the case of investors, and customers, the worst cases of the transactional approach use manipulation of the Psychological, Social, and Physical levels in order to access Symbolic assets. 

On the other hand, the healthier, more complete approach of The Whole Human seeks to involve as many domains as possible, interacting with people in ways that preserve their power to effect their lives and world and their best motivations to be self-directing.  This leads to a more collaborative approach to value creation for all the participants in a business, maximizing benefits in every aspect and area.


The Capacity of Your People is the Capacity of Your Business

People are the heart of every business.  A business reaches its full potential, then, only as the people in and around the company fully realize theirs.  When a business recognizes the full range of human needs and assets, it can play a significant role in contributing to and benefiting from the wholeness of the people around it.  In order for business to get extraordinary participation and performance from this reciprocal relationship, it must heed the call to inspire and nurture its people.

Inspiration.  Businesses can tap the greatest powers in their people by touching and connecting on universal themes that reside in the high-level Psychological and Spiritual domain.  Even highly-diverse audiences share hopes and expectations for life and its "bigger things."  If people – whether employees, customers, suppliers, communities, investors – see one or more of these themes reflected in where a business is headed, they see themselves reflected in the company and are more likely to join the journey and employ their assets in favor of this mission. 

Capacity.  Increasing the capacity of people is only truly successful when assets from every domain can be employed in the process.  Then growth is fully owned, so responsibility and effective application are the natural results.  A cross-domain approach to building capacity results in the development of skills of growth, so improvement and innovation are integral and constant in wholly engaged people.

Alignment & Accountability.  The best strategies of management empower people to self-manage as much as possible.  This must go far beyond "carrot and stick" methods of motivation by connecting to peoples' own highest level needs and assets.  When a company casts a compelling high-level vision, the participants have clarity judging their own alignment and more often measure themselves by their own expectations of their role in that mission.

Nurture.  By pro-actively and dynamically playing their role nurturing the needs of people, businesses can increase participation and performance and empower more complete engagement across domains.  Since unmet needs block higher-level assets, businesses can open pathways to unlock latent potential by caring for people.  When people feel cared about, a relational connection is established that releases assets at the upper levels of the Social, Psychological, and Spiritual domains.

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At The Core of Many Things

If people lie at the center of business, The Whole Human gives access to the center of people.  That's why it's at the core of our management philosophy, our facilitation techniques, and our own company ethos.

For example, The Whole Human plays a central role in two of MuddyHudson’s core frameworks: ICAAN and ATRALA.

Inspiration ~ Capacity ~ Alignment ~ Accountability ~ Nurture

ICAAN surveys key human needs that drive individual and organizational performance.  Intentionally growing people through Inspiration, Capacity, Alignment, Accountability, and Nurturing ensures that they have what is needed to engage completely and fully utilize their assets.


Awareness ~ Trial ~ Relevancy ~ Affinity ~ Loyalty ~ Advocacy

develops lasting, high-value customer relationships by mapping a customer's journey from first contact to fully advocacy.  Customers become believers because marketing messages, and the delivery that follows, connect to high-level assets and needs.


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